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Lucy Barefoot

Issues, Vision and Values

My integrity, resourcefulness and hardworking attributes will bring common sense laws and budget decisions with you in mind. I am able to identify issues that delay decision making. I will streamline processes and develop policy to remove barriers to participation. My decision making is laser focused with an Equity perspective to promote Inclusion that will result in the wellness of our Diverse communities. 

My Platform 


Seattle is struggling to effectively address big issues of affordability, homelessness and public safety. All are difficult topics to address which require leadership that will tackle them relentlessly. I am that leader. I will align contradicting laws and policies that impact our city's budget. I am that leader. I am here to effectively put my education, experience, lived experiences, integrity and common sense to work for a safe, business-friendly and environmentally sound Seattle. 


I support development without displacement –tunnels instead of elevated concrete bridges! Elevated concrete bridges continue to fail: West Seattle bridge (36 yrs), the SR99 Alaskan Way Viaduct (1950-2013), and recently a pothole on northbound SR99. It's time to re-think Sound Transit’s preferred alternative for West Seattle, which stakeholders in the Chinatown-International District, Ballard, and West Seattle have still not bought into.

ST3 passed in 2016 with 57% in King, and 51% in Snohomish, but failed in Pierce County. Its regressive property taxes and car tab increases have hurt our most vulnerable communities. It’s time to stop displacements, save green spaces, and place this measure back on the 2024 ballot –voters must decide between keeping the status quo for 13+ years or seeking a leaner project.


Affordable housing: Census reports indicate Seattle’s population is still rapidly growing. Seattle continues to face a housing crisis and I am ready to engage with stakeholders to strategically seek and use allocated resources and streamline city services. 

Diversity is our biggest pride and it attracts tourism and economic growth. I will be a gatekeeper of federal, state and local funds . I will champion for our small businesses as they are the backbone of our economy.

Small businesses are key indicators of our healthy economy and they need the support of the Seattle City Council. The pandemic shifted traditional business and services. I  understand your struggles and I am ready to represent your interests. 

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